The Buyers Assistant

for Professional Buyers

Including Android and iPhone apps. Easily capture new product details, notes, images and update your system, synchronising with everybody in your team instantly.

Pen And Paper Not Required


Collect new product info from trade events, supplier visits and more...

Our app allows buyers to work anywhere offline, easily and quickly collecting new product details as well as taking quick photos/notes. Syncing data back to the cloud whenever needed.


Bespoke PDF, Excel and CSV Reports - The fields You want, In the order You want

View and manage all collected data within the web portal. Simply use our built-in reports or create files to transfer data into your own systems.

App Overview

Designed for quick logging of new product data within a busy working environment.

Helping you and your team to be as productive as possible. Maximising what they can achieve in trade shows, buying meetings and similar environments.

Web-portal Overview

Setup, management and reports are maintained on the website.

This is where product and supplier information, images, notes and barcodes are collated in one place, ready for you and your team to start working on the new season collection straight away.

Designed For Enterprise

  • With the category selections, such as brand, colour, material, season, currency, suppliers, department/sub department etc.; these can be managed to ensure the data collected matches your company’s existing systems and naming conventions – making importing and reporting in your systems a breeze.
  • Dates, time and users are recorded alongside data synced to the web portal; so you can track what each buyer has done and buyers can select reports based on their own data.
  • Syncing updates the app with any changes to settings made in the portal. Furthermore, it includes the last 28 days of any products, photos and notes taken by other buyers, allowing them to review each others’ progress when at an exhibition.
  • Mobile phones can generate very large images that use up a lot of memory. Our app automatically re-samples them to a lower resolution to enable fast syncing and usability. However, you can still choose to save full size copies of images in your camera roll, ready for editing and sharing with other apps.

The App

Your New Assistant

We have you covered with both Android and iOS apps. Key features are shown below. Don’t take our word for it, use it free for as long as you like with your colleagues. Full export and reporting facilities are provided as an add-on.

Add Item

Add new products and styles quickly and easily with all key details including barcode/qr code, photos and notes.

Add Photo

Perfect for a quick photo and a note for future reference.


View your suppliers, add or modify details; these are ready to select for each new product.

My Items

Review and edit all your new items before syncing to the cloud. View older items that have already been synced.

My Photos

View, edit and delete your photo/notes.


View and add any locations and exhibitions here, also view and link suppliers to the exhibitions.

A joined-up solution


Integrated App and Website

Control of users, categories, setup, reporting and more. All managed on the website.

Buyers use the App in the field collecting all the product information they require to make an informed decision.


Validated Data Lists

Setting up categories, suppliers and exhibition information, ensure when using the App the selecting of the correct categories such as season, colour, material, departments or your suppliers.

This makes it much easier when integrating all your new collected product details into your database by exporting from the App.


Buyers Collect Information for New Products

No matter how many buyers your organisation has or where in the world the exhibitions are located; you can use the app to collect information, images, barcodes and more to sync back to the website. Reducing time, paper, hassle and allowing your office  to start preparing your new collections as soon as the data is synced.

Exhibition Data In Advance

Suppliers can be allocated to Exhibitions so that you know who to target at an exhibition and what stands they are  located in. Helping to ensure more efficient use of time around an exhibition and making sure you don’t miss any important suppliers.

A quick overview

The Website

There are a lot of features in the website, designed to be easily customised to the way your business runs.

Some of the key features are below


Easy Setup

Be up and running quickly with a startup checklist and guide. Upload your supplier details, categories and events. Add your users to the system who will use the website and App, set permissions and access levels.



When using the App, you can see your own selections when entering a product. We’ve added default examples that can be edited or archived or just add/upload your own selections including Brand, Colour, Department, Material, Season or Sizing .



Set Add in your own list of Suppliers , alongside any key supplier details plus select any brands they offer selected from the Brand entered in Product Settings. Keep using for every exhibition without having to add again and again. 

When entering new suppliers on the App, users can choose from selection lists (that can be tailored) covering Payment Terms, Country and Currency.



Add events or location meetings places in the Exhibition/Location section. For exhibitions, lists of suppliers and their stand locations, can also be added.



Add and modify Budgets by Fascia, Season, Department or Brand. Setup and upload your budget information. Budget data is used in the automated Budget Reports to show against your ‘actuals’ generated automatically from the allocations/selections for any products that have been added.


Company and Fascias

Company Details includes setting company currency & report email address. Even if you do not reuire different Company Fascia’s or trading names,you can upload a logo to go on the top of the PDF reports.



This section includes summary and detail views, along with filters for every field for the products; as well as  the ability to add additional notes, access reports/exports and a download facility for images in zip files.


Reporting and exports

Within the Products listing, it is possible to add bespoke PDF and Excel/CSV reports. This powerful functionality allows the mapping of the outputs to match other systems’ imports or for use within spreadsheet reports.

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Would you like to provide feedback or see how we can assist your organisation, perhaps you have something in particular you would like in the App?

Please feel free to get in touch, after all, we are the Buyers Assistant.

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For businesses with 10 or more Buyers who would like a bespoke product created for them.

Contact Support

If you are having any issues with your App, please get in touch. We aim tio respond within 24 hours.

Request a Feature

Okay, you have some feedback. We can take it! Just let us know what would make your life easier. We are The Buyers Assistant, not the Buyers Manager – we are here to help.


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What is the Buyers Assistant?
It is a sensational system that will make it easier for Buyers to do their job when they attend exhibitions around the world. Buyers can setup the following information, ready for a Buyer to enter an exhibition;

  •  What Suppliers are exhibiting.
  • Where the Supplier is located within the exhibition.
  • What product(s) the Buyer is interested in of that particular Supplier.
Why is it useful?

As all the information is transferred and stored in the cloud and not on a crumpled piece of paper which would need more time and energy to transfer into a workable document either centrally or onto a system – you will undoubtedly save time, effort, money and mistakes.

What is the advantage of The Buyers Assistant?
  • Save time
  • Remove duplications
  • No need to rely on hastily written notes
  • Sharing with colleagues is quick and easy
  • All information is held in a central location even though individuals can be updating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Buyer will have access to their information and the Business will have access to all the information from the team of Buyers.
Why is it cost effective?

No more searching for a pen when you need one.

No more frantic scribbling on a pad and then spending hours trying to decipher what you have written or attempting to match the pictures to the products you are interested in.

No duplication of work, if one of your Buyers has already seen a supplier and selected products, you can inform your team not to spend any more time at that Supplier and move on to the next one.

Ask yourself how does your business operate right now. Then ask yourself if there would be an improvement in the efficiency if your team had The Buyers Assistant App in their pocket.

Can my business integrate The Buyers Assistant into our own system?

You can specify bespoke Excel reports to download the exact fields you need to import directly into your own systems.

What industries do you cater for?
The Buyers Assistant is useful for all industries. Our current version has default categories for fashion retail, but these can be replaced with any category a company requires.
What makes your App different from all the others?

There is nothing quite like our App and we are not specific to one exhibition. Our development plan will incorporate all industries. 

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